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iCure Stroke Organizers Created an Educational Grant Program with the goal to allow young physicians, technologists and nurses from all around the world to attend the iCure Stroke Meting that will be held in Istanbul between 4-6 November 2021.

What is the Coverage of the iCure Stroke Educational Grant Program:

You can apply to iCure Stroke Educational Grant Program to get support for the following expenses in full or only for the items you are in need to:

  • Registration Support (can be virtual or physical depending on the availability and conditions regarding the COVID-19 regulations)
  • Airfare Support (max. 500 USD or ticket amount if less than 500 USD. You will be required to submit your airfare ticket / invoice)
  • Hotel Accommodation (Up to 3 nights in designated hotels, extra nights should be covered by the applicant)

Who can apply?

Physicians, technologies and nurses that are currently in good standing on a neurovascular/ endovascular fellowship and who practice in a neuro-endovascular and / or stroke team.

How to apply?

You can easily apply online using the following link:

Click Here Apply to iCure Stroke 2021 Educational Grant

The online application will require the following information:

  • Personal information
  • Short Cv
  • Letter from program director/supervisor endorsing the Educational grant request and authorizing the time off to attend the conference.

Please keep in mind that we have limited availability of grants. Applications will be rewarded in first come first serve basis to the candidates that submit the complete application.

Please note that I Cure Stroke Organizers do not give a guarantee to honor all applications. Eligible participants will be notified by email upon review of the Grant Selection Committee. Completing the grant application procedure is the sole responsibility of the applicant.