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Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar International
Convention and Exhibition Centre


iCure Stroke

Dear Colleagues,

After another meeting in İstanbul, we would like to thank all participants for joining us face-to-face meeting program that was completed successfully. 13 CME points have been obtained for attendee as the good proof of the educational and scientific content. 290 registered participants from 36 countries. We received great incentives to further develop this special education and exchange platform. We believe our motto "Bridge Therapies and Communities” is more relevant now than ever before.


In this unprecedented context, iCureStroke will fix its goal as defining the essential focus in ischemic stroke service. We aim to provide a simple, practical approach and cutting-edge educational content, for attendees to go back with easily applicable take-home messages.

We decided to re-iterate iCureStroke as a «traditional» on-site meeting in 2023 because we believe that a format with real - as opposed to virtual - contact is what impacts intense learning. Debates are difficult, if not impossible to stimulate during webinars. We believe that emulation of ideas and generation of consensus is possible only when inspired individuals exchange ideas in face-to-face discussions. Hence, we will organize a real event, taking all protective measures that may be relevant at the time the meeting will be taking place.

We look forward to meeting you again in İstanbul in 9-11 August 2023.


The iCureStroke is an open platform of learning and networking for stroke physicians from all backgrounds. The objective of our multi-disciplinary faculty of neurologists and neuro-radiologists is to promote a spirit of comradery and alignment, with the end goal of improving patient outcomes. In other words: If you are passionate about stroke and looking for genuine constructive debate and improvement, you will feel right at home at iCureStroke


The iCureStroke is a platform of sharing and exchange between interventional stroke physicians from all specialties. Strong with the diversity of our backgrounds, we believe we can all benefit from bringing our respective knowledge and passion to this platform.

The iCureStroke aims to provide:
a practical approach to stroke care with case-based training and simple take-home messages from world-renowned stroke pioneers.
cutting-edge educational content, setting the stage for an open and stimulating debate, covering the below topics:

  • Decision-making process from patient to treatment selection
  • Expanding indications
  • Use of advanced imaging technologies and simplified imaging paradigms
  • Technical challenges during the procedures
  • Stroke survival chain and its obstacles

The iCureStroke is the only ischemic-stroke-focused training course that will offer the possibility to learn from live case transmissions during the event thanks to our 40/month thrombectomy case load. We hope that our commitment to life-saving innovation will translate into improved patient care.